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  • Klausur "Produktmanagement und Marketing im ÖV"
    Die Klausur "Produktmanagement und Marketing im ÖV" findet am 13.02.2020 um 9 Uhr im HC15 statt. [more]
  • Patenschaftsaktion für Fachzeitschriften
    Der Kirschbaum Verlag bietet im Rahmen seiner Patenschaftsaktion allen Studenten einmalig die... [more]
  • Broschüre mit Ergebnissen des Projekts BMM HOCH DREI veröffentlicht
    Im Rahmen des Projekts "BMM HOCH DREI - Betriebliches Mobilitätsmanagement im Bergischen... [more]
  • Exkursion zur DB Regio AG, Region NRW (Bericht)
    Auch in diesem Jahr führte das Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Öffentliche Verkehrssysteme und... [more]
  • Klausurtermin Produktmanagement und Marketing im ÖV
    Die Klausur im Modul "Produktmanagement und Marketing im ÖV" findet am 14.02.2019 im Zeitraum von 9... [more]
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Our teaching deals with traffic planning, legal and political framework conditions of public transport, operational concepts, operational planning, transport systems, vehicle construction, data collection in public transport as well as the integration of public transport into spatial developments and planning.

In project seminars the various topics of public transport are discussed, such as urban transport plans, standardized assessment, barrier-free accessibility, and flexible operating modes as well as mobility management.

More in-depth seminars in which the Chair together with the students cooperates with local transport companies or initiatives are repeatedly carried out and provide the opportunity for practical studies. Among the most recent ones are a feasibility study on the issue of the reactivation of the “Barmer Bergbahn”, detailed studies on the planning of a cable car for Wuppertal, the evaluation of the business processes at “WSW mobil”, and, in the context of an international project, the new conception of bus transport in Tartu (Estonia). Our teaching also includes day trips to transport companies in the area as well as several-day excursions to neighbouring countries – e.g. to Vienna, Strasbourg or Basel.